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Mutlifamily acquisition and apartment financing in a structured financing vehicle is one of the few ways for sponsors and borrowers to get access to high leverage loans .. loans with LTV's above 90% and in some cases as high as 95% LTV.

In one recent example an investor provided the entire capital stack to make a multifamily acquisition financing possible.  The investor (commercial lender) provided the Senior Bridge debt, a Mezzanine Loan for interest reserves and repairs, as well as an equity investment into the LP (Limited Partnership) to complete the required equity investment for the loan portions of the multifamily acquisition financing.

The result of this structured financing achieved a high leverage debt package of 98% LTV.  Experienced sponsors (borrowers) can achieve high leverage loan success and approvals with the proper use of strucutred financing vehicles for multifamily development acquisitions.  

Whether purchasing one multifamily development or a portfolio of multifamily developments these types of structured financing arrangements can be used to achieve very high LTV loans.  This type of structure can be used for established, stabilized multifamily assets or to acquire distressed multifamily developments in need of repositioning and rehabilitation.

For more information on obtaining structured financing for multifaimly acquisition and apartment financing contact Michael Gross, President of Dividend America Commercial Lending directly at 404-819-4511 or email to  Apply online at

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