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Hey Everyone,
         This Helpful Hint may be "the" MOST valuable of all the Helpful Hints I've ever
         shared or will share in my entire lifetime. It is the one that is nearest and dearest
         to me because I spent 16 years selling cars before retiring on July 31st, 2003.
         The old saying that "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer"
         is certainly as true today as it ever was.
                      WOULD YOU PAY $82,000.00 FOR A $25,000.00 CAR?
          While most people think they would never make such a catastrophic mistake,
          it's being done millions of times per year by millions of people across America.
          They borrow $25,000.00 for a car or truck, finance it with a bank at roughly 7%
          interest and pay a monthly payment of roughly $500.00 per month. After 60
          payments over 5 long years they'll pay back a total of roughly $30,000.00, with
          $5,000.00 in interest going to the bank.
          There are several catastrophies in this example being made by people from all
          walks of life every single day. One, is the vehicle is not even worth HALF of what
          the person paid only 3 years into the loan. Second, none of the $5,000.00 interest
          is tax deductible. Three, the "liability" that they've purchased is not producing them
          a monthly income. Fourth, AND MOST IMPORTANT of all, the money going to the
          bank INSTEAD OF going to their mortgage company is costing them 3 1/2 times
          what they paid for the car or truck.
          If an individual or family only did this once in 20 years it would be very, very bad.
          The devasting truth is 95% of ALL Americans are making this catastrophic and
          horrible tragedy a MINIMUM of 5 times in their car buying lives!
                                                 THERE IS A SOLUTION!
          Take the time to learn the sophisticated, millionaires way of paying an UP FRONT
          2 or 3 year lease from a Home Equity Line of Credit while ALSO being a Client on
          the Money Merge Account from United First Financial. You'll enjoy a brand NEW
          car or truck EVERY 2 - 3 YEARS with NO PAYMENTS "AND" PAY OFF YOUR
          HOME MORTGAGE IN AS LITTLE AS 1/3 THE TIME saving tens of thousands
          of dollars in overall interest.
                                WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THE EXTRA MONEY?
          You will have extra money to send your children to college, take a nicer vacation,
          buy a vacation home, eat at nicer reastaurants, stay at finer hotels, retire earlier,
          or build a retirement nest egg. You'll have more choices and more options!
          Please pass this along to ANYONE you know that has a mortgage.
Christopher J. Williams (Independent Agent)
United First Financial
phone: (630) 589-9443

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