What Is Your Inner Self Telling You?

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What Is Your Inner Self Telling You?

Tell me how am I supposed to breathe with no air? Help me out here with the water so deep...If you ain’t here I just can’t breathe. No air, air... -Jordin Sparks


Stressed out? Having a short fuse lately? Feel like you are not yourself anymore? Maybe it is time to take a little quick getaway. Constant hassle and fatigue beats your body down. Before you know it, you could be riding a one-way ticket to burnout.


Burnout takes its toll slowly but surely. It could also destroy precious relationships with just a few harsh words. Bursting out is never an option when your brimming over with tension and anxiety. No. We can’t have that, right? How about enjoying some lush green and bond with Mother Nature? How about going to the mysterious side and explore some caves? Or you could go spelunking to channel those negative chis. Vitalize your soul through water therapy. Rejuvenate your senses through the meeting of the sea and sky.  Take a walk by the shore away from it all.  Fill your soul with the play of the land, sea and sky.


You can even spend the night under the glittery heavens. Or come home to the comfort of your Singer Island FL condo.

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