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Commercial Real Estate Agent with Realty Executives BR074909000AZ RB 21330 HI

I have been involved in all facets of real estate for 40 years. My early years were spent working in the hospitality and international travel industry; real estate was a hobby - fixing and flipping homes in the San Francisco Bay Area from Mendocino County to Santa Clara County and down the Valley to Modesto and in Hawaii. As my business grew I needed to buy space for inventory, instruments, and office space. 

From hospitality and international travel,after completing my MBA course work, I entered  the medical device industry. I learned that precise understanding of what one is representing is critical to success and to satisfied clients and avoidance of legal issues. This precise nature has served me well in the real estate field. I believe that we need more required education and testing for real estate agents. The level of professionalism in real estate needs to be raised. 

The NAR Code of Ethics is well structured and covers the essentials however the individual knowlege level of the Code and the laws of the Federal and State governments is not where it should be.

For better training, a higher standard of living, a more ethical approach to life - when you have your  license in Hawaii - give me a call and we can discuss why Fathom Realty-Hawaii might be a good fit for you too! 808-725-2832. We will be operational and licensed soon.  Tish "not your ordinary Tom" Tischer. Fathom Realty-Hawaii

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