Can a USDA Loan Finance a Condo?

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Financing a Condo with a USDA Loan

Can a USDA loan finance a condo? This is a common question from both homebuyers and Realtors who are unsure if it’s possible to finance through the USDA loan program. A USDA home loan offers flexibility and may be an option when trying to finance a condominium.

Please remember that USDA loans will only finance primary residences and not second homes or investment properties.



USDA Requirements for Condominiums

Condominium requirements per Administrative Notice 4699:

  • Condominiums are deemed acceptable to RD (Rural Development) when the project has been approved by Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FHLMC), HUD, or VA
  • Lenders must retain evidence in their permanent loan file of the project’s approval by one of these four entities
  • Applicant’s remain responsible to obtain individual homeowners insurance as applicable

Additional underwriting may be applicable depending on your lender. Red flags to look out for could be:

  • % of investor occupancy in the project
  • Date the project was completed and when it was turned over to the homeowner
  • Review and analysis of applicable budgets and insurance coverage for the project
  • Please note that just because there are association fees, does NOT mean it is always a condo

Be cautious, condominiums are a form of ownership and not tied to a specific building type.  If you have any questions please consult with your Realtor or county property appraiser to determine if the home is actually a condo or other type of classification.

Qualifying for a USDA Home loan can be overwhelming, but when paired with a lender that specializes and understands the USDA loan process, it is a match that can open the door to home ownership.

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