Realtor Website Video for SEO

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 M&M 01383243

One of the hot topics relative to website design for SEO is the addition of video.

There are many companies who can do the editing and post-production work to polish videos and companies selling video content for Realtors, too.

One of the local brokers has a rather lenghty video of a virtual flight over our town which flags the more attractive and well known developments. The same broker has a separate website with all of the same developments featured as indivudual communities with video tours much like the ones which are done for single listings, along with a single paragraph write up. 

Some recent discussions have suggested doing video tours of local highlights such as parks, museums, trails, the rodeo, farmer's market, etc. for online community education. Others focused on just obtaining or shooting tours of local home builder's current projects with some text about the projects. 

I'm curious to learn more about what is out there and what is working for agents who are marketing online with video. Anticipating that I will get some feedback, I will post another blog piece about the results. 


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