No More Short Sales in 2014!

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I have let some time past since first hearing the news that one of my short sales died yesterday. At first I was hunting a bottle of spirits! J I was thinking of randomly hitting my head against the wall. As I reflected on the situation, I realize it died because of Sun Trust Short Sale Department really dropped the ball. In short, THEY SUCK MUD! They had a complete file for nearly 45 days dealing with their mortgage as the 2nd position. It still blows my mind that they sent me an acceptance letter 45 days later. I got the letter yesterday (December 30) and it was dated December 23. They (SunTrust) have been unprofessional as well as unresponsive to voicemail, email and even fax. I would probably not be so frustrated if they were to act professional and timely. They seem to treat my assistant and I like we are idiots and we were simply trying to facilitate them getting something rather than nothing. After getting the approval so late in the game, the first mortgage is already selling in on the courthouse steps next Tuesday – they won’t stop the deal. I’ve got a buyer and her agent that are frustrated, a lender who’s fully vested and a buyer and his family who needed this to happen. I don’t have much to say and “I’m sorry “ seems so empty. I really did all I know to do and at the end of the day – that’s all I can do. I have learned at least one important lesson:


Make sure to have and set realistic expectations for everyone involved. (Prepare for the worst case scenario and hope for the best case scenario.)

After lunch, I received a call to do another short sale. I will probably give this a shot too! I can't give up trying to help people.


Pressing On!



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