Change In Times Of Turmoil

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You've probably seen the writing on the wall for about a year now and a lot of you have left the business already. For those of you who haven't yet, good luck to you. I wish you the best. If you have left and are thinking of leaving, I have something to share with you. It's called the Internet and it is not going away. Like in the hay day of the real estate boom where fortunes were made, the internet is booming and fortunes are being made everyday. Like anything though, there is the 80/20 rule. You know what I'm talking about. 20% of the people do 80% of the work or volume. Why is that? It is so sad that good people out there just can't get past the hump that makes them great. In my years of coaching, I have found that most people are willing to do 90-% of what it takes to be a superstar and they forget or they don't know that that last 10% carries 90% of the weight. Meaning that most people will do 90%, when they 90% isn't enough to make something work, they quit. The superstars know that it is that last 10% that they are willing to do to go the extra mile that 90% of the people out there aren't willing do is the difference between someone breaking through the barriers and making $250,000 a year and those who stay at 20k to 30k a year. It really boils down to that. It's not magic. For example, there was a training class this morning on the internet at 5 am pacific, 8 am eastern. There were only 38 people in this class this morning and only 3 people from the West Coast. Any Tuesday or Thursday night, I will see 250 people in my class. Why? Because it is more convenient for people to make the class that fits their schedule. But do you know what the difference is between the 38 and the 250 is? The 38 are willing to do whatever it takes, whenever it is necessary, for them to succeed. That's it in a nutshell. It is nothing different! It is nothing more than that. Listen, my friends, life is tough. It will knock you down, it will kick your butt and when you finally get up, it will knock you down again and kick your butt even harder. This constant butt kicking shatters most people dreams. Like the military says, the few, the proud, The Marines! Get back up! Get off your rear, stand up and tell life.... "Come on...Is that all you got? I'm still here...I'm still standing.....Give it to me!!!!! And when you can take life's best shots and you still survive....what didn't kill you, only made you stronger! Now stop feeling sorry for yourself, get out there fight back! You've taken it long enough and it is your turn.


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