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When Buying a Home, what should a Home Buyer do 1st?

1st Prime Realty recommends all Home Buyers must create a Checklist of items to help them prepare Buying a Home.  The Checklist should include: Interview Real Estate Agents, know the Location of where you want to move, What is your desired Monthly Mortgage, How much money saved for a Down Payment, Have your Finances in Order, Be sure your Debts are current, Time Frame, Credit and more.

Do not buy any Big Ticket Purchases during the time your Buying a Home for many reasons(Cars, Trucks, Boats, Credit Cards, Expensive Trips, Furniture, etc.) Please wait until the Transaction has closed. 

The Home Buying Process at a Glance: Interview Real Estate Agents -> Select Real Estate Agent -> Build Rapport with your Agent -> Secure Financing -> Home Criteria -> Search -> Preview -> View -> Selection -> Offer -> Negotiate -> Acceptance -> Inspections/Investigations -> Review Reports -> Resolve any Issue(s) -> Sign Documents -> Finalize Transaction -> CHANGE ALL LOCKS OF PROPERTY -> Close Transaction. There are more steps to the Home Buying process.

You must Buy the Neighborhood, before you Buy the Home. This does not mean you have to actually Pay a Fee for the Neighborhood, but you must find out more about your surrounding environment. Buying a Home you must have Comfort, Safety, Enjoyment, and Great Peace of Mind.

Drive through the neighborhood, roll down your windows, turn off your Radio, Look, Listen, and Smell.  Look for anything Positive, and Negative. Listen for Sounds that may interrupt your Peace. Smell the Air, are there any Factories, Farms, Chemicals, anything giving a foul odor in the area?

The Home Buying Process can be very Challenging without an Experienced/Knowledgeable Real Estate Professional.  1st Prime Realty is asking for your Business.  We have the Training, Experience, Knowledge, and Negotiation Power to give you a Great Real Estate Experience.  We belive an Educated Home Buyer will make the Best Home Buying decision. Our Job is to educate you, or increase the knowledge your already have. Request for our "FREE" Home Buyers Guide.  This will provide you with details of the Home Buying Process.

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