Celebrating “Olde Year’s Night” CRUZIAN STYLE!

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Celebrating “Olde Year’s Night” CRUZIAN STYLE!

I watched the news this morning and learned that there will be about a million people in Times Square tonight – and the temperature will be around 20 degrees. You would have to take me there at gun point……but I hope those of you brave enough to be out in that crowd and in those temps have a great night!

If you’re wondering how we Cruzians ring in the new year, I’ll tell ya!  Tonight, there will be music playing most everywhere, great food and drink specials, and hugs and love spread unselfishly about as we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014.  Most of the festivities will be outdoors and include eating, drinking, and wearing flipflops or going barefoot!  It will be a balmy 75 degrees, which is cool by our standards.  But most definitely mo betta than 20 degrees.  (Can one actually LIVE at that temperature?)   Most likely, my sweetie and I will head for the Deep End Bar, where they’ll have food and drink stations set up and one of my favorite musicians, Kurt Schindler, will be playing.  I’ll be dancing in the sand and getting my groove on till the wee hours, I’m sure!  Then, if we’ve got anything left, we’ll head west and participate in J’ouvert (starts at 6:00 a.m.), and tramp to Frederiksted for dancing and carrying on some more.  I have a feeling there won’t be anything left…but plenty of others will be there and SOMEDAY I’m going to participate! (been saying that for 8 years….)

Contracted from the French jour ouvert, which means day break, J’ouvert (pronounced JOO-VAY) in the Caribbean means it’s Carnival season and a way to celebrate and commemorate the island’s African ancestors being freed from slavery over 150 years ago.  Along the parade trail, the crowd will grow from hundreds to thousands.  Both young and old join in procession behind one of many flatbed trucks from which DJs play their tunes trying to excite the crowd as  much as they can. Non-dancers will sit along the side of the roadway in lawn chairs enjoying the spectacle and conversing among friends.
“J’ouvert juice” will be popular. It’s potent and works its magic.  Besides the music, which makes it near impossible to hear should one  get close enough to a truck’s speakers, the other thing noticeable will be the costumes. With bright colors abounding and masks a plenty, the eye candy at J’ouvert will be sweet and in heavy supply.
This is such a wonderful, friendly, FUN place to be.  Tonight is a special night, but every night here is pretty special.  Wintertime brings us great musicians, our beloved “snow birds” and the island comes alive again after a long, hot summer.  And the weather is PERFECT! NOT 20 Degrees!!!
So as you toast to a great 2014 – maybe think about spending next new years in the sand, dancing with your Realtor!!  I’d love to welcome you to de island, mon!
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