Real Estate Signs and Crooked Driveways

Real Estate Agent with Allen Tate 250405

I was out with a client on Saturday looking for a home for their family. After viewing 6 or 7 homes we all started to feel a bit delirious. One of the last homes was located in a cul de sac....I knew the driveway was crooked so I backed out carefully. I thought I was on the driveway but a few seconds after hearing a crunch I knew I was on top of the real estate sign! The sign was ruined and my bumper was beaten up. I was very embarrassed but we all ended up having a good laugh about it. I did call the agent later that night and explain what happened on his voice-mail. I offered to send him a check for the damages. He thanked me for the call and said that most agents would have just gone about their business. I guess the moral of my story is to be careful of crooked driveways and treat other agents the way that you would like to be treated!

The very last home that we saw was the one that they bought....but not the one with the destroyed sign.

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