Signs That Your Dog Might Be Allergic To Something - Part 1

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We humans have allergies - for example hay fever is a very common one. It's not pleasant, right? And you have to treat it rather than tolerate the discomfort. Did you know that your dog may also have or develop allergies? Unidentified and untreated, any allergies your dog has may develop in to other and potentially more serious health conditions. But do you know the signs so you can get on the case and help your best pal?

Dogs may develop any type of allergy. For example to pollen, food, fabric, dust, mites and fleas to name but a few. It can be hard to identify the cause and treat it. For example if your dog develops a food allergy then it can be a case of trial and error to identify the offending food and remove it from the dog's diet. A prime suspect would be anything new which you have introduced in to his diet.

Let's talk about diagnosis in part two.

Question for the Reader: Have you ever suspected that your dog had an allergy?



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Kristi Knutson
Kirkland, WA
Blog Trainer ☂

Great post, Joe! People sometimes forget that animals can have the same ailments as we do. It's always good to look after man's best friend!

Jan 03, 2014 07:52 AM
Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner
Palm Realty - Melbourne, FL

Joe, as a dog and animal lover, I am really glad to see this blog.

Jan 14, 2014 11:35 PM