Stand Back...I'm on FIRE!! And Even You Can't Put It Out!!

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That's right...No Fire Extinguisher...or Hose...or Ladder Truck...or Airport Foam...or bag of flour...or anyone going to smother my enthusiasm and success this year!

A few months ago I was sucker punched by a company I was working with. At the time...exactly 8:30 Am on Nov 10th my plans changed. I was transitioning out of real estate and into another industry and that process came to an abrupt halt.

To that person I want to say THANK YOU!! Bonfire in Nebraska

They changed their minds and I can't be happier!

Now instead of trying to do two jobs I can concentrate on what I really love...real estate.

I have 2 properties under contract (one a large farm) and already closed on another very large farm. And have some great investors who need to buy land!!

What the heck was I thinking when I let someone I love dearly convince me to change careers?

The other night I told that person..."stand back...I am on fire and even you can't put it out!"

My phone is ringing again like it hasn't in years and I feel like it is 1997/98...the greatest years I ever had in 22 years of real estate...until now.

So to those who know me, Love me, or hate me... I am throwing out this warning...

Either jump on my Fireball Express or get the hell out of my way... "I'm on Fire and even you can't put it out!"

Until next time...

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