January numbers

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The home sales number for January are in and no big surprises.  There are more houses on the market than a year ago and less buyers.  However the prices are staying about the same for now.  It's not really a buyers market yet but it is headed that way.  As I've stated before it is a pretty fair and even market.  Buyers are having more time to look for the house they really love instead of just buying a house they might like a lot before anyone else buys it.  Houses that sold in 15 days now sell in 30 and those selling before in 30 days are taking up to 45 and 60 days to sell.  But for the most part they are selling at close to asking price.  Buyers hoping that the prices drop might not see that for another year.  However sellers hoping to cash in the quickly rising prices won't see that again, I don't think for 18 months or so. 

The mid Snohomish county area, Lake Stevens and north, it might be a different story.  Our job market is very strong our school districts are very good and getting better, we might still see a strong and steady growth.  It should be a good and busy year in Real Estate.  In fact I'm about twice as busy this year at this time than I was last year.

I would love to hear how it is going in other parts of the country and the state of Washington.