Roanoke Real Estate: How To Buy Your Next Roanoke Home.

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So you're interested in buying a little Roanoke real estate, and you stumble across my blog post.  That's terrific, because I'm going to tell you how you can best accomplish your goal of buying a home in Roanoke TX in 2014.

Right now, Roanoke real estate is as hot as it's ever been.  We have numerous new housing areas to try to keep up with the demand.  Some of these new housing areas include Fairway Ranch, Highlands Glen and Briarwyck.  To think that a small town (Roanoke has a population of 8,000) would have 3 major home developments going on at the same time is just amazing.  But that's the demand for Roanoke real estate at this time.                      

In addition to the new housing areas that we have going on right now, we also have several neighborhoods that are already established.  The Meadows of Roanoke and the Parks of Roanoke are neighborhoods that were introduced in the late 90's and they offer first time homebuyers an opportunity to own a nice home with a lower price point.  And then there's old-town Roanoke, which is the original town of Roanoke that was incorporated in 1881.  With the renovation and revitalization of downtown Roanoke, old-town has become the top destination for many moving into the area.  The old-town area of Roanoke still has it's charm and offers many the opportunity to build on quarter acre to full acre size lots.   This is something not available in the newer housing areas.

How To Buy in Roanoke

I'm going to list out a 3 step plan for buying Roanoke TX real estate in 2014.  Here we go.

  1. The first thing you should do and maybe the most obvious thing is you should choose the right Roanoke real estate agent to assist you in your home purchase.  The right real estate agent will be a Roanoke resident, will have years of experience of selling homes in Roanoke, will have his or her business based in Roanoke and will have a record of selling more homes than anyone else.  The Alliance Realty Group of Kirby Smith Realty is a team of real estate professionals that fits that criteria.  In fact, we're the only ones that fit that criteria.  If you want an agent to represent you on your Roanoke real estate purchase, you'll want an agent that knows every neighborhood like the back of their hand.  That's what Kirby Smith and Kallie Ritchey can do for you.  Call us and let us explain how we can help you.
  2. The second thing you should do when buying Roanoke real estate is to get preapproved with our recommended lender.  We have a working relationship with an excellent area lender who takes care of all of our clients.  Of course your free to use whoever you like, but you are definitely taking a risk when you choose a lender out of the phone book.  Our lender gets our clients the lowest rates and closes on time.  They take all the headaches out of the financing process.
  3. The third and final thing you should do after gettting your financing is deciding between a new home and a pre-exisiting home.  You have two great choices.  Most likely if you are going to be deciding to buy in a higher price range like 400k and up, you'll most likely be buying a new home.  And we can assist you with your new home purchase.  In fact we offer a rebate for anyone buying a new home with us in the Roanoke area.  Because we give back some of our commission in form of a reabate it makes no sense not to work with us on your new home purchase.  We'll show you all the pre-existing homes and introduce you to the builders and then you can decide which way to go.  We'll also be able to explain the benefits of living in each neighborhood.  Keep in mind that with any of our local builders, the build time is approximately 5-6 months. 

So once you hire us to represent you on your home purchase, get preapproved with a lender and then decide between a new Roanoke home or a pre-existing home, you're ready to make the offer and negotiate a great deal on your next home.  Of course when it comes to the negotiating, we take care of that.  We also take care of all the other details when buying Roanoke real estate.  We are there to serve our clients from the very beginning and we take care of every detail until the day of closing.

What are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our website to begin your search for Roanoke real estate.




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