RAMBLINGS........January, 2014

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By:  Diane Sawdon

Happy New Year!!   The book has been closed on 2013 and this brand new year, this new book to write,  stretches out in front of  each and every one of us with a countless collection of blank pages to be filled with experiences and adventures, both good and bad.   Who knows what awaits us in the days, weeks and months ahead??    The “Storms of Life” will rear their ugly heads from time to time, but, just maybe, if we spend less time concentrating on what we are not doing and more timefocusing on what we are going to do, we might find the voyage through The Book of 2014 to be an outstanding adventure.

Last year, in January, I wrote about wearing my big boots and spreading some glitter about my journey through the days of 2013.   I tried very hard to do this in the past twelve months.   Some will agree that I accomplished my goal, while others will probably feel disappointed that I did not spread enough glitter their way.  My daughter, who actually started me on my “glitter journey,” just asked me if I still had my glitter.     I checked~~~yes, I do.   

January is my birthday month.  I sometimes do not recognize the face I see in the mirror.   Who is that old woman looking back at me??    My mind tells me that I can do all sorts of things, but my body tells me that it might take more time to accomplish said tasks.   My goal is to work smarter.   Hopefully, with age comes wisdom.  Very often, the wisdom part eludes me.    I have my boots and glitter~~I am working on the wisdom.

I am ending this with a stretch of Poetic License.  John Muir, forgive me~~”the ocean is calling and I must go.”  Mendocino awaits me to celebrate and rejuvinate my body and soul for this trek of 2014.    Hopefully, your year’s journey will be a fulfilling and rewarding one. 



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Diane Have a beautiful journey traveling through 2014 with your boots and glitter!
Jan 05, 2014 12:18 PM