Tech Tip: Pinterest for Realtors

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How can You Use Pinterest in Real Estate?

Millions of people are using the relatively new social media platform, Pinterest. Many businesses from small to large have noticed the marketing potential Pinterest offers. Are you including Pinterest in your marketing strategy?




pinterest for real estate


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place clients can discover new ideas and collect them by pinning it to boards.

Pinterest is great for sharing and finding new ideas about anything. The most popular users are women from the mid twenties to mid thirties. Hence, Pinterest is good for targeting the first time home buyer market.


What Should I Pin?

Pinners usually are looking for “pinsperation.” Use this leverage to engage clients with DIY projects, décor ideas for their new home, ways to increase curb appeal and other related tips and ideas. You can also use Pinterest’s flexibility to showcase house listings. You can create a board specifically for a particular neighborhood and highlight all the great features of it. Videos can also be pinned from YouTube. This can be another great way to increase traffic to your YouTube account if you have one.

You don’t have to keep it strictly business. If your Pinterest account is under your name, you can add some of your interests that include your personality, hobbies and likes. This may seem unimportant but it can help build trust.

Pinterest relies heavily on images and well written descriptions. You can build traffic to your website by pinning a picture from one of your blog post. Make sure your Pinterest image is eye catching, to capture the eye of a pinner. Don’t forget to fill out the description box and use keywords to achieve the rank on search results.

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