$78,000 down to $7,000 and no Bankruptcy or Foreclosure! My true story!

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* 80% of people that lost their homes to foreclosure never sought advise from a professional. 
* 1 out of 8 home owners are in some form of default. 
* 5 Million homes are still in serious default.
Most people are embarrassed or feel like they can't find accurate answers when in this position. I've been there and was one of the first agents in Hennepin County to do short sales with the banks for clients. Foreclosure can ruin your credit and in many cases you can lose your security clearance and possibly risk your job or future employment if your company is using credit reports to monitor your behavior. People you know are hurting and in need of help. All you have to know is to listen to them talk about bills or read their face when you ask "How are things goin" if they've been out of work for a long period of time or had to take work that paid less than a previous job.
I can help them! Short sales are a strong option and with move to work programs and other changes, many home owners that short sale can purchase a new home in 1-3 years. Some can even get incentive money to help with move expenses. I've done it for people on my Facebook friends list successfully and for many other clients. I am currently helping clients purchase a new home in Plymouth after I had to evict them from a foreclosure last year. They didn't trust what I was telling them until the MN Department of Commerce told them I was 100% on point and told them to make sure and use me when they were ready to move due to my ethics and information shared with them. Please share this message with your friends, family or coworkers or copy it and email it to them. People are confused and hurting for little to no reason and you can help them or yourself!!! You or they can call me at 612-567-3554 or email me at Eric@EricHelmers.com
God Bless!

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