Port Charlotte House For Sale Not Owned By The Banks In Port Charlotte

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Port Charlotte House For Sale Not Owned By The Banks In Port Charlotte

When looking for Port Charlotte homes it can be like trying to find a needle in a hey stack. And searching online can get tiresome when none of the homes have what your looking for, such as granite counters, tile floors, pool, great area of town, friendly neighbors and so on. And trying to get the bank to accept your offers before it goes to highest and best is like pulling teeth. That's no fun when banks play games. If you are serious about purchasing a Port Charlotte home. You should try Port Charlotte homes for sale that are not owned by the banks. Bank homes can be a great buy for someone that has time to haggle with the banks. But when you have sold your home, and you have no place to go. You need to be able to lock in a house that fits your families needs. If your still reading this I urge you to call your local Port Charlotte Realtor, agent and tell them, you would like to have a list of none bank owned Port Charlotte homes. This is only if you need to buy and don't won't to play games with the banks. This home is NOT owned by the banks. And can be sold with out all the red tape. Location: 18214 STEELE AVE, PORT CHARLOTTE, FL 33948

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