01.10.14, Charles Stallions Home Report for Pensacola Florida 32514

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01.10.14, Charles Stallions Home Report for Pensacola Florida 32514


Buyer beware: Lenders may check your Facebook page

What if a buyer says he's had his current job for 10 years on a mortgage application, but his Facebook page says six months? It could cost him a home loan. Read more.

Mortgage tax break expires despite lawmaker support

A tax break for money forgiven by banks expired Dec. 31. While Congress may resurrect it, current short sellers and others should seek advice from a tax expert. Read more.



Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com know as much about real estate in Pensacola, Pace and Gulf Breeze as most people know about Mars or Venus so stop it already, even by there own admission they are correct about 20% of the time. A seller can do better than that by looking at the tax rolls. Get local news and get your real estate advice from a local real estate agent. BTW I know a good one in Pensacola, Pace or Gulf Breeze that may not tell you what you want to hear but for sure will tell you what you need to hear. We don’t put post in your yard hoping to sell something we take only listings that we know will sell. LET US PROVE IT TO YOU. 

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Dear Father in Heaven, I am so moved by the realization that there are children, babies through adults, whose parents abandoned them or who have lost their parents for one reason or another, maybe prison or death has taken them. I pray for a comfort, peace, love, and presence that only YOU can provide them. I pray that YOU will fill that void they have in their hearts and homes. I pray that someone will go and tell them, even more SHOW them your love, that they will be complete. Please heal their hearts and let them know that they are precious. They are not cast-aways. They have value in your sight and in their world. Please send devoted Christian friends to surround them and encourage them, and great Christian leaders to guide them. Please meet their every need--spiritual, emotional, physical. I pray that each one will recognize their special place in the world and your divine purpose for their life. May your blessings abound as they look to you, our Father and Maker. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.




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