Ma'am Step Away from the Hammer

Managing Real Estate Broker with Alchemy Real Estate Group

There are times when you should hire a builder, and we have Seattle's best.  Sometimes you can just do it yourself.  But sometimes ....

Ma'am step away from the hammer

Has this ever happened to you, or someone you love in your family?  What did you do?


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Alchemy Real Estate is a dedicated team of Real Estate, Marketing and Development Professionals that create value for our clients with a targeted return on investment that matches their desired yields. Through our experience we are able to provide our clients with a unique variety of specialized and branded niches to meet their goals.


Alchemy Real Estate Group is headquartered within Keller Williams Realty Downtown Seattle in the United States in Seattle Washington.  Alchemy Real Estate Group serves the city of Seattle and the Greater Seattle region.  Our founders Jay Miller and Gabe Rosenshine have been working together since 1997.  Gaining national recognition while at RE/MAX and consistently two of the most decorated agents in RE/MAX for sales and volume production.  Alchemy Real Estate was established in 2006 and today the team consists of an elite group of 16+ specialized real estate experts that work together as a team.  Today Alchemy Real Estate consistently represents the best builders in Seattle, and the most intelligent home buyers & home sellers in the Seattle real estate market.  We pride ourselves in providing an enjoyable real estate experience & profitability for our clients.    Our vision is to be the regional real estate marketing company of choice for new construction and renewed urban development opportunities.


Representing the best builders in Seattle, and the most intelligent home buyers & home sellers. An enjoyable Real Estate experience & profitability.

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A Tenacious and Skilled Real Estate Team

I really do like the video.  LOL  I do wish you well in 2014.

Jan 12, 2014 12:51 AM