What is your 2014 strategy?

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The last couple postings, I have covered the topic of how the real estate field is slightly shifting.
From mortages being handled by smaller establishments as well as the large monopolies, to construction focuses backing away form multi-family structures and beginning to focus back on homes; this year may teach us a thing or two.
With buyers possibly being able to obtain better interest rates, and with a relatively low rate of new-home-construction, sellers may once again have the upper hand.
The value of homes may not skyrocket, but potential buyers may be willing to duke it out in a bidding war to obtain the property of their dreams.
With people having more money to invest in a property and sellers having a larger, more populated pond to throw their line into, 2014 may mean that people seek out assistance from real estate professionals in lower numbers.

What is your prediction, will buyers/sellers feel more independent in 2014 or will their dependence remain about the same?

For those of you that have made a resolution to expand your business this year and maybe even adopt new tactics, Real Estate Pipeline can assist you.

Home Buyer Leads is what we specialize in. We have a complex and unique system in place to attract people looking to purchase homes and need assistance in doing so.
With every lead that comes into our hands, we directly contact your potential client to verify all of their informationa and to make certain that they are indeed looking to purchase.
Agents' time is precious, we do not want to waste it with faulty leads.
On top of that, we only send you leads that are located directly in the area(s) that you have requested.
There is a sea of lost fish out there, Real Estate Pipeline is the waves that are pushing them towards your hook.


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