A New Year - A New Beginning

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A New Year - A New Beginning

     New Year means new beginnings and we all want to start our New Year right.  New Year resolutions have become a tradition to almost everyone in the whole world.  These resolutions are made and must be achieved within the year.  Unfortunately, a majority of us break our resolutions before the first month of the new year.

     An alternative to setting a year long resolution is to set GOALS for the New Year.  Give each goal a timeframe.  Perhaps a goal that can be accomplished in a month or two is more practical for you.  If you would like to read more in 2013, why not set a goal to read an entire book by the end of February.  It is very fulfilling when you complete a goal; it will make you feel like you can do anything. 

     One of my favorite goals is to list people that I want to spend time with in the new year.  I make my list in the same notebook each year and I check them off as I have achieved the visit.  It is a rewarding goal!

     So start your year off right.  Setting goals for the New Year will assure you that you will be looking forward to a great year ahead.  Be productive, finish what you've started, learn from the past and be someone new!

     If one of your goals is to buy or sell a home in the Walnut Creek area, contact Renee White with Keller Williams Realty East Bay.


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