I-35 and FM-3009 Almost last Schertz- Cibolo, closure update, I HOPE!

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I-35 and FM-3009 Almost last Schertz- Cibolo, closure update, I HOPE! 


Tonight the crews were out to close exit 175 on Northbound I-35.  This was scheduled last Fall, so a little history.

The Memorial Day flood diverted many construction teams to repair projects with a higher priority.  There was also a design flaw in the ribbon overpass to Forum Parkway.  As anyone that lives or needs to use the I-35 and FM-3009 (Roy RIchard or Natural Bridge) intersection knows, the traffic was awful for many, many months.  And we now know how Cinderella felt.  I was very frustrated and start to try and get this project back on track.  I even got to draft the resolution that the Northeast Partnership, the Mayors of the nine local cities, sent to TxDot and the construction company to get the North-South Turnaround open and the double left turn lanes back by Christmas.  Despite some terrible weather, they were finally able to get that project finished to the point that we could use new turnaround and the left turn lanes.  The work kept going and there were even crews there the day after Christmas working to finish the rest of the project.

You may have noticed that there had been a variable message sign saying that this exit was to be closed the coming Sunday for weeks and weeks.  It was put off supposedly because of rain.  I have some other ideas, like diverting workers to the Forum, but that would be another blog.  The work that needs to be done for this closure, by contract, has to be finished in 21 days.  The sign said every-other time that the were going to take three weeks adn this time only two weeks.  I have made a few inquiries and there really isn't an answer as to why they are announcing only a two week closure.  The good news is that there is a significant penalty in the contract if they don't finish this part in 21 days.

Why are they closing northbound exit 175?

The exit is going to be slightly realigned and be turned into a two lane exit.  If you check out my website at www.patshomes.com/i-35 there are before and after drawings for the entire project.

In short, AVOID that area, unless you want to spend some extra time looking at your tax dollars at work!

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