This Real Estate Agent at lunch "OMG"

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This Real Estate Agent at lunch "OMG"

After working since 3:30 this morning until 1pm, my fiancé tore me away from the office and decided to take me out to lunch. We really enjoy this little Mexican restaurant, the food is excellent and the atmosphere is refreshing. While sitting in our booth we had the distinct pleasure of overhearing a real estate agent in the next booth over. This agent was talking extremely loud on the phone with a potential buyer.

She started off by asking the potential buyer, “Are you working with another agent?” GREAT Question!!! The obvious reply from her response was that the buyer was. I am always open to listening and roll playing with objection handling, but I was shocked that the buyer even stayed on the line for all this.

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but what I heard almost made me cry. I have never heard anyone try to sell themselves so poorly. If I recorded their conversation, it would end up being a guide on what not to say.

I am quoting this “someone” verbatim and please note, the area the possible client is inquiring about is in an exclusive neighborhood where average sales prices are well over a million dollars. To me this is 30,000 reasons not to mess it up.

Another thing to mention is the agent has been in Real Estate for 17 years

  • “Our office has 130 agents; you should only work with a big company locally”
  • “I used to live where you are looking to buy. I actually moved in and out of that area 3 times and I WAS THE agent for that area each time” (the agent indicated it was just down the hill from there that she moved to each time)
  • “I USE TO WORK THE AREA YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY IN” (again, she reiterated it)
  • “My company is big and we have 5 agents who specialize in the area you are looking to buy in”
  • “You need someone like me who is experienced with large lots and acreage”
  • “I just worked with a client in a horrible area of town in a track home where I would never show properties to any of my buyers, but I took the listing”
  • (Right after #6) “I always have my client’s best interest in mind”
  • “I am from a big company, 130 agents” (I believe this was said like 5 times)
  • “When you work with us, you get access to the 8 big websites” (What does this mean????)
  • UM HMMMMMM about 1,000 times.

I wanted to take the phone away from her immediately. The buyer put the agent on hold for over 10 minutes and the agent just waited, holding the phone to her ear before realizing they were not coming back on the line.

I am no coach, but worked with coaches before. I wish I had a coach’s card on me, so I could hand it over to her. I do not claim to be a top sales person by any means, but I would say this real estate agent needs to hone in on her sales skills. She left $30,000 on the table and lost it. My challenge is, are you ready when opportunity comes calling?

If you need a professional transaction management company (not escrow) with TC’s that actually perform, call me. You will love us! We actually know how to talk on the phone. Our reviews are amazing and our service will be surprisingly refreshing.

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