What features sell a home? What features don't?

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What features sell a home?  What features don't?

Features that sell a home


1.  Updated Kitchen Counters: Granite, eco-friendly materials, butcher block, copper, and Soapstone.  Each of these materials have their pro or cons, but all are a great choice!  When shopping for a new countertop, consider price, durability and style.

2.  Updated Flooring:  Bamboo, Tile, cork, hardwood and laminate.  Design, color, and surface are important considerations, but don't overlook comfort, durability and easy care.  

3.  Paint Color:  We LOVE color!  (well I know I do)  But when you are ready to sell your house, you have to think about what will appeal to as many buyers as possible.  I have seen so many times, walking into a home that is so colorful that it's hard to look past it.  Neutral, natural, and calm tones of paint go a long way with buyers!  It allows them to imagine how they can make the house their own!

4.  Energy Efficiency:  So many buyers want a great deal!  This doesn't stop with the home price.  They want dual pane windows, tank-less or insta-hot water heaters, high rating insulation, high efficiency appliances, and even solar!  Making these upgrades to your house prior to selling will not only adding value to your home, but your house will appeal to more buyers potentially selling it quickly.

5.  Minimal Decoration:  Buyers want to see your home, not your things!  So put away anything that can be distracting, like pictures, knick knacks, statues, and even cultural or religious artifacts.  These items can turn a buyer off just by their presence.  You don't need to remove everything, but just enough so the buyer sees the home and can imagine it as theirs.


Features that do not sell a home

1.  Pool:  In my experience, more people do not want a pool on their property, but would love to have access to one at a community association clubhouse.  This of course can be very different by area.  Buyers think of a pool as being hard work and costly to run.


2.  Upgrades in excess of neighborhood: What I mean by this is if homes in your neighborhood are going for 200k and you put in a 100k kitchen thinking you can then sell your house for 300k or more, this may not be the case.  Your home is valued at what a buyer will pay for it and is compared to other houses in the neighborhood.  So if a buyer has the choice to 2 houses that are EXACTLY the same, they may not want to spend 100k more for your upgraded kitchen.  So do upgrades mindfully.

3.  Having a large house, w/o proper staging:  My broker had a listing that is 6500+ sq ft, 7 beds and 7 baths.  This house is sitting empty with price reduction after price reduction.  It was very sterile and cold looking (and feeling).  I suggested to him that his clients stage the property with nice furniture and re-post the pictures and video after the staging.  That was done and in less than a week, the home had an offer.  Having a huge house is not a selling feature if it does not look good.

4.  Converted Garages:  Many home owners want more space, but they do not want a converted garage.  Many people want to be able to park their cars or have some extra storage in the garage.  With the garage conversion, buyers might think that the current owners thought the rest of the home was too small, therefore being too small for them.  Additionally, if the conversion was done without the proper permits, home buyers with a loan might have a difficult time purchasing the home.

The name of the game when selling your house is to appeal to as many buyers as possible to get the best price as possible.  So keep in mind your neighborhood and types of upgrades that can sell your hosue quickly and those that do not.  If you want more information about What features sell a home?  What features don't? Give Central Valley Homes a call and we can discuss the features of your house before you put it on the market. 

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Bette Gottwald
UNITED REAL ESTATE | Central PA - Mechanicsburg, PA
"Bet"on Central PA Real Estate!

Your post was right on the mark Melynda.  We find most homes in our area with pools are difficult to sell, especially to middle aged people and those with small children, not to mention the cost of maintenance.

Jan 13, 2014 11:02 AM
Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner
Palm Realty - Melbourne, FL

Great blog!  Here in Florida however, I find many people DO want that pool!

Jan 13, 2014 02:27 PM