Creating Emotion

Services for Real Estate Pros with AMH Creatives

As a Real Estate Photographer I feel my job is to spark interest in the home I photograph and entice the viewer to see the home in person.

In the past people may have gone with the approach of wanting to show everything and provide pictures of every single room regardless of its value.  A possible issue with this might be not having to chance to explain the details or oddities of the house while the viewer sees them the first time. 

We all know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" we also know buying a home is an emotional experience and people often base their decision on how they "feel".  In my quest to maximize the benefit of my services I have decided to offer full video this year.  I'm not talking taking static images and putting them into a slideshow that may pan back and forth randomly while listening to awful elevator music.  This is full HD video with individually licensed music.  Because of the work involved the price is higher than regular static images but I feel the results speak for themselves.  It's the perfect way to create the emtion you want without having to say anything.

What other ways are you creating emotion?




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