Oh No You Didn't!

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Oh No You Didn't!

Bob Stewart challenged us to write a post about the mistakes that Sellers make that can cause them to loose a lot of money or cost them the sale, in his CHALLENGE: MISTAKES SELLERS MAKE THAT COULD COST THEM THE SALE post.

The Seller I am going to tell you about still makes me shake my head.  This happened about 18 or so years ago in a hot Denver market.  Properties were selling within weeks of going on the market and hitting the MLS.  That is, except this one.  I didn't understand why this property was still available after 3 weeks.  It was a nice home in a great neighborhood.  It showed well.  It was updated.  It wasn't cluttered with excessive "stuff."  There were no obvious problems with the house.  Why wasn't it selling?  I had had several showings, but no offers.  I was in a quandary... until I stopped by his house when a showing was actually taking place.  I wasn't aware there was a showing when I stopped by, but I finally had my answer!

The seller was home!  I specifically told him to leave the property when a showing was scheduled.  Buyers like to have privacy while viewing a house and be to able to speak freely to their agent as well as feel comfortable opening cabinets and closet doors.  And when a Seller is home, the Buyer does not feel comfortable to do these things.  Not only was Mr. Seller home, but he was giving a tour and not letting the agent do his job.  The seller had diarrhea of the mouth going on.  I tried to pull him aside to allow the agent to "work" with his Buyers, but my helpful Seller insisted on completing his tour.  And that is when I heard it.  I just cringed.  I'm repeating in my head over and over and over again, "Did I really just hear you say that???  Oh no you didn't!"  had the worst pit in my stomach.  What was Mr. Seller thinking?

This is what the Seller said.  "Oh, I want to tell you that the first Buyers that saw my house asked me this question, so I am making sure that I tell all the Buyers this, since it seems to be important.  They asked me, 'Is the neighborhood quiet?'  My answer was, 'Absolutely.  There are kids that play, but they don't scream.  In fact, a few months back I answered a knock on my door.  It was the police.  They had wanted to know if I had been home at a specific day and time, which I was.  The police proceeded to tell me that they were looking for any of the neighbors that may have heard anything when a robbery occurred at a restaurant just around the corner.  I didn't even hear that!  It really is a quiet neighborhood'."

After that, I watched the agent and his Buyers quickly retreat for the door.  They couldn't get out of the house fast enough.  I looked directly at the Seller with my eyes as large as silver dollars, and said first in my head, "Oh no you didn't", and then to Mr. Seller, "Do you know what you just said?"  He said, "Of course I do.  I gave them an example of how quiet the neighborhood was."  I couldn't believe how naive the Seller actually was.  I then replied, keeping my cool as best as I could, "No, you didn't.  You just told the Buyers that you live in an unsafe neighborhood."  Mr. Seller then replied, "That's not what I said.  I told them I didn't hear anything."  I then said, "That may have been what you said, but it was not what the Buyers heard."

Did you really just say that?Believe it or not, even after this event and after me giving him thousands of reasons why he should not be home when Buyers come to view his house, he still insisted on being home and giving tours.  His reasoning was that the other agents do not know his house as well as he does.  The house never did sell and I withdrew myself from the listing.

Sellers need to understand that we, Realtors, give Sellers advice on, what to do and what not to do, because we do this everyday.  This is our profession.  We are the expert.  We don't pretend to be the expert in their line of work for a simple reason, because we are not.  When an agent tells a Buyer or Seller something, it is for their own good.  Don't second guess us.  You may be costing yourself a sale or purchase.

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Comments (27)

Rebecca Gaujot, Realtor®
Lewisburg, WV
Lewisburg WV, the go to agent for all real estate

Hi Dawn, some sellers just do not listen to their Realtor! What a headache trying to sell a house and the seller does the house tour...go figure! Good story for this challenge

Jan 15, 2014 05:00 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Sussie ~ I liked your post

Hella ~ sometimes I just wonder what the seller is thinking. 

Shanna ~ I was more than happy to give him the listing back...he knew better how to sell his house than I did.

Rebecca ~ thanks.  I could have written about several different "issues" but I really did think this was the best example.

Jan 15, 2014 11:52 AM
Sharon Tara
Sharon Tara Transformations - Portsmouth, NH
Retired New Hampshire Home Stager

Unbelievable!  How can this guy be so clueless?  LOL!

Jan 16, 2014 05:45 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Sharon ~ Unfortunately, there are many folks out there that know it all.  He just happened to be one of them.

Jan 17, 2014 09:14 AM
Donna Foerster
HomeSmart Realty Group - Parker, CO
Metro Denver Real Estate Assistant

Dawn~ Thanks for sharing that story. We had some sellers in Elizabeth that were home during a showing and they gave away too much information about some work they were planning to do on the house and how much they would have spent had they completed it. Of course, when the buyer made an offer, she wanted that money as a concession since she was now going to be doing the work!

Jan 18, 2014 02:12 AM
Woody Edwards
First Choice Realty, Inc - Chesterfield, VA
A Realtor® Who Answers His Phone!

Sounded like you needed a long 2x4.....upside his head

Jan 19, 2014 08:09 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Donna ~ sounds like those sellers had a case of diarrhea of the mouth as well!

Woody ~ now that sounds good!


Jan 19, 2014 02:50 PM
Juli Vosmik
Dominion Fine Properties - Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale/Cave Creek, AZ real estate 480-710-0739

Dawn, and it sounds like he didn't hear anything you told him as he continued on in this bad selling practice.  I hope he learned from actually doing despite having you tell him.  

Jan 20, 2014 06:07 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Juli ~ I'm almost sure he still lives in the property.

Jan 20, 2014 12:18 PM
Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist
KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - San Jose, CA
Probate Real Estate

Dawn. And, we can't take back stupid. 

Jan 21, 2014 11:20 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Oh, so true Kathleen!

Jan 24, 2014 07:23 AM
Silvia Dukes PA, Broker Associate, CRS, CIPS, SRES
Tropic Shores Realty - Ich spreche Deutsch! - Spring Hill, FL
Florida Waterfront and Country Club Living

Dawn, another example how well intentioned sellers sabotage themselves.  What a   shame.

Jan 27, 2014 08:49 AM
Connie Harvey
Pilkerton Realtors - Brentwood, TN
Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate

Dawn, what a story. The sad part is that he probably blamed you for his house not selling. Some people just don't want to get it. They know everything!

Jan 28, 2014 03:52 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Silvia ~ Mr Seller was unfortunately a person that knew it all and couldn't be told anything.

Connie ~ in a way, he did blame me.  But I was happy when the listing period had expired.

Jan 28, 2014 04:37 AM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

This is a great example how the same information can be presented in very different ways. He thought he gives a 'proof how quiet his neighborhood', but they heard only one word 'unsafe!'.


Jan 29, 2014 04:17 AM
Nick T Pappas
Assoc. Broker ABR, CRS, SFR, e-Pro, @Homes Realty Group, Broker/Providence Property Mgmnt, LLC Huntsville AL - Huntsville, AL
Madison & Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Resource

Dawn, when a seller has it in their mind that they can do a better job than the Realtor...there's nothing you can do.  It took a little courage to withdraw from the listing, but good for you.

Jan 29, 2014 09:13 AM
Debbie Walsh
Shahar Management - Middletown, NY
Hudson Valley NY Real Estate 845.283-3036

Good for you for withdrawing and knowing when your efforts would be wasted.  Such a shame!

Jan 30, 2014 01:39 AM
Maria Morton
Platinum Realty - Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Real Estate 816-560-3758

LOL Do you remember the Saturday Night Live skit where Dan Aykroyd or Jim Belushi would say "Jane, you ignorant slut!"? Some people just cannot be educated or helped when it comes to real estate.

Feb 09, 2014 05:32 PM
Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED
RETIRED / State License is Inactive - Portland, OR

What a fool.  The longest distance in the world is the distance from one's own mouth to their own ears!  A real case in point!  

Feb 10, 2014 10:40 AM
Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Inna ~ exactly!

Nick ~ some folks just think they know more than you do.

Deb ~ hanging around I would have just been spinning my wheels.

Maria ~ I certainly do remember that skit.  It was hilarious!

Carla ~ I'm going to have to remember that saying!

Feb 10, 2014 12:34 PM