Door Installer in Modesto

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Door Installer in Modesto

 There are lots of ways to install a door. I have seen the old method of a plumb bob hanging from the ceiling, the level and some people just use the distance from the wall to the door to hang it.

One thing is for sure; if you don't hang it right, it will bother you for years to come. You need to always consider the rough opening before you start, is it plumb? How bad is it out of plumb? A rough opening is supposed to be framed exactly two inches wider than the door size. This is to give you enough room for adjustment.

In Modesto, there aren't any high levels of humidity unless you live on a lake or other body of water. If this is the case though, acclimating your new door to it's environment is important. If you hang the door and it swells due to moisture, you just wasted your time and need to either live with it, or re-hang it. Let it acclimate for 24 hours if you are in a high humidity area or seal it quickly with a primer sealer after it's installed.

 If ever in doubt, I am your door installer, Modesto! Give me a call and I can make an appointment to come out and take care of any troublesome doors or interior trimwork you might have.

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Rachel Johnston

Doors are the gateway to and throughout the home. Properly installed energy efficient doors and windows can maximize energy efficiency in the home. A malfunctioning door can ruin the beauty whereas perfectly fit can add the beauty to the home. All this depend on a efficiency of a door installer and how efficiently he doing the job.

Feb 23, 2014 04:37 PM