Sun Ketch town homes in Treasure Island

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Sun Ketch townhomes in Treasure Island Fl.

As always, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I personally like the Sun Ketch townhomes in Treasure Island Florida very much. The location is awesome, you are only a short walk away from the beach, restaurants, shopping and all kinds of other activities in Treasure Island.

Sun Ketch Town homes in Treasure Island Fl

The Sun Ketch townhomes in Treasure Island were built in 3 phases


Sun Ketch I is the closest to Gulf Blvd and construction was finished in 1987. This phase consists of 98 townhouses. It is on the east side on 2nd Street E. and right before Rosselli park.

Sun Ketch II  is about 1/2 a mile down the road from Sun Ketch one and also on the east site of 2nd Street  E. but just after Rosselli park. Construction was finished in 1988 and this phase has 111 units

Sun Ketch III is on the west side of 2nd Street E.  and also past the Park. Construction was finished in 1990 and this Phase has 73 units.

Sun Ketch Town homes in Treasure Island Fl

Sun Ketch I, II, III each have their own association and therefore, among other things  the rules and regulations and monthly maintenance fees are different for each Phase of the Sun ketch townhomes here in Treasure Island.  Also, please pay attention to the budgets, they are different too and while Sun Ketch I and II have great reserves and are fully funded at this time and you can easily get a mortgage, Sun ketch III at the moment is a different story and you need more down payment to secure a loan. On the other hand, Sun Ketch III has the lowest monthly maintenance fee.

The buildings look very similar and all have the same concept of a huge oversized 4 car plus garage on the ground level and one living level above that but the floor plans, townhome  sizes and outside colors are a little different. Nearly all of them are two bedrooms to bath units somewhere between 900 and 1-30 square feet with a balcony. I really like the fact that you only have one flight of stairs and the living area is all on one level in the Sun ketch townhomes.

As the real estate market goes up and down the prices for this town house go up and down BUT it is very important to know/ remember that all the Sun Ketch townhomes here in Treasure Island are built long after 1975 and that their first living level is elevated to round about 15 feet above sea level . This fact is very important because it saves you a TON of money on flood insurance.

Like I said in the beginning, I really like the Sun Ketch townhomes, you get a lot for your money, you are in a great location and you can live here year around or just use it as a winter residence.

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Love the looks of it Anne. I'm sure you'll get a buyer in no time at all. Best of luck with it!
Jan 20, 2014 11:39 AM
Barbara Gregus
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Wishing you all the best with your listings Anne. I'm sure you'll get everything sold in no time at all.
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