Jackson Company Gives 50" TVs, 10% Cash With All Double Hung Windows

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Jackson Company Gives 50" TVs, 10% Cash With It's Double Hung Windows 

Jackson JR Neely Offers Full 10% Cash Back Or A Free 50" Flat Screen TV With All New Double Hung Windows to it's customers in Jackson, Michigan


BY Ted Cantu

January 17, 2014

Jackson, Michigan – Winter in Jackson, Michigan means one thing: Cold  temperatures, sometimes below zero. With those cold temperatures also  comes snow, ice, and the cold arctic wind. Many residents of Jackson,  Michigan are finding this post-holiday winter even colder, snowier and  more brutal than past winters. With the record cold termperatures and  snowfall in Michigan this year, residents have been expressing increased  concern about saving on their skyrocketing energy costs. One of the  biggest energy wasters, which many locals wouldn't even consider is  windows! Poor quality, old, drafty windows can add 10%-25% or even more  to a household's heating expense. One of the most effective way to seal  out the drafts, and keep the heat in, is new windows.  Replacing old,  inefficient and drafty windows in the home, with new, made in Michigan,  efficient double hung windows can save 10-25% or more off of every months  heating bill for the home.



Right now home owners can get 10% cash back on every double hung window  purchased and double hung windows installation. Home owners may also  choose a free 50 inch flat screen TV.  With the severe weather of this  record setting winter, a brand new TV might be just what homeowners need  to get through. JR Neely in Jackson is renowned for its exemplary service,  and customized home improvements. JR Neely has earned the trust of  central and mid Michigan residents for over 25 years, since opening it's  doors in 1988. The Michigan based company is recognized throughout the  state as a local leader in servicing homeowners in Albion, St Johns,  Maple Rapids, St Louis, Eaton, Ithaca, Alma, Ashley, Jackson and more. The  company puts the homeowner first, and will design a custom window package  that meets every need.

For insulation installation, new bay windows, bow windows, gutters or double hung windows  anywhere in Central and Mid Michigan, contact The Jackson JR Neely or get a quote  on their quote page or use the direct number at 1-800-576-3359.



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