Sellers: Don't Suffer more than you have to.

Real Estate Agent with Smart Green Realty

Repeat after me: "My house is now a product." Yes, your children grew up there. You took your holiday pictures in the front yard. Yes, you've spent lots of money on maintenance and remodeling. But now you are selling. Step back. Buy Starr Osborne's book Home Staging That Works. Put away the family pictures and one third to one half of your stuff. Fix what needs to be fixed. Get the house really clean--Q-Tip clean. Re-paint with neutral colors. Your house is now a product--in competition with all the others. Don't take it personally when the buyers say the bedrooms are too small or the bathroom tile is old fashioned or your street is too busy. You are NOT your house. Feelings have no place in business. So many sellers forget this and suffer needlessly.

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