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25 Critical Steps Required to Get Your Spokane Home SOLD

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Most home sellers wants the following from their Real Estate Agent:

  • Sell their home for the most money possible.
  • The process to go smoothly and not linger for months; and,
  • They want their Real Estate Agent to communicate with them regularly throughout the process and to be straightforward with them.

As a Seller, how can you ensure that the agent you hire to market your home is doing everything necessary to successfully sell your home?

The typical Realtor® only performs 5 of the necessary 25 steps required to successfully and consistently sell homes.

Failing to follow these critical steps can costs the typical home seller thousands of dollars. Today’s real estate market is incredibly competitive. Sellers can give themselves an incredible advantage by understanding the keys to making their home far more attractive than their neighbors home – even if their neighbors homes are somewhat similar.

Unfortunately for Sellers, most Real Estate Brokerages are NOT teaching agents how to sell homes in today’s modern real estate marketplace. In fact, most Brokerages are still teaching a home selling model from the seventies and eighties. It is far more beneficial for a Brokerage to have a listing on the market for several months because the agent and the Brokerage benefit from the listing generating inquiries that lead to sales of other properties during the time a listing is on the market.

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25 Critical Steps Required to Getting Your Home SOLD!

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