365 Reasons Stockton, CA is NOT the most miserable city in America!

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365 Reasons Stockton, CA is NOT the most miserable city in America!

Let me begin by introducing myself.  My name is Melynda Capps and I moved to Lodi, CA (just north of Stockton, CA) in May of 2013.  I moved here from the Bay Area because my husband and I both got jobs in Stockton.  Like many other people, I was not looking forward to the move at all!  I had heard so many negative things about Stockton that I thought I should not go out after dark and carry pepper spray everywhere I go.  While this maybe the case for some people, it is not my reality.  So 8 months into living here, I really don't see why so many people say Stockton is a miserable city.  So I am here to give you 365 Reasons Stockton, CA is NOT the most miserable city in America.

Reason #1 - The Delta

Just to the west of Stockton, we have the Delta.  The Delta is a series of freshwater inlets and bays that extend to the SF Bay and ultimately the Pacific Ocean.  The Delta has so much to offer its nearby residents.  People boat, kayak, paddle board, scuba dive, swim, fish, water ski, jet ski, camp, hike, bike, get married and just hang out on its banks just about year around.  Additionally, the Delta is used as a vital shipping artery.  Many companies ship goods to the Sacramento and Stockton Ports, providing jobs for many Stockton residents.  Furthermore, Delta water is used by nearby farmers to water their crops.  Using Delta water allows farmers to keep their prices down on many fruits and vegetables shipped throughout the United States from Stockton.  The Delta has so many uses and people who live in Stockton, CA love living next to these great water ways!  The Delta is a reason Stockton is NOT the most miserable city in America.


For more information about the Delta, visit http://californiadelta.org/


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