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Looks like the commercial market is really taking off once again. I read this new article on the CNBC website  that discussed the boom in the Industrial Warehouse space. If you recall a news brief several months back (and spoof on SNL) featuring the 'Flying Delivery Robot', an idea sparked by Amazon to deliver packages in an unmanned drone, where is the launching pad? 

Warehouses are the strongest prospect for both investment and development in 2014, according to the latest PWC Investor Survey. Two thirds of respondents deemed warehouses a "buy."-CNBC

Amazon.com is purchasing up warehouse space and if you think about it, it makes sense.
With more and more businessess moving online and with the big boom in FBA (Fullfillment By Amazon) warehouses to store and ship product from are going to be in greater demand.

Individual Ecommerce business Entrepreuners are gettig into the game every day. Keep your eye on this hot trend and get into the game early!

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