Why Don’t My Kitchen Outlets Work in North Stamford CT 06903?

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Kitchen outlets sometimes do not work because of a tripped or broken ground fault circuit interrupter.  Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), also known as a GFI outlets, are required in kitchen and other areas of the house where there is a high likelihood of encountering moisture or water.  GFCI’s are required in kitchens, bathrooms, unfinished basements, garages, and outside outlets.  You will recognize them because they have two little buttons in the middle labeled “test” and “reset.”  



If your kitchen outlets do not seem to work, it could be a tripped circuit breaker or a tripped GFI outlet.  First go to your electrical panel, and touch each breaker to see if the handle feels the same pressure as the others. If any of the handles on the breakers feel slightly springy, turn them off completely, then on.  It is important to touch each breaker because a tripped breaker is not always obvious by sight alone.  Be sure to check the main electrical panel and all the sub panels around the house.  


After resetting a breaker or two, try the kitchen appliances outlets again.  If they still do not work, it could be a tripped GFI (GFCI).  The way GFI’s are wired is that one can control another outlet. So, if a regular outlet does not work in the kitchen, it is most likely controlled by a GFI. At that point, go around the counter and press each “reset” button on each GFI and see if the outlets are restored.  You may have to move a few things around on the counter, because there could be an outlet hidden behind some cookbooks or fruit bowls that you forgot about.  



If you checked all the breakers in all the panels, and tried all the GFI’s on the counter, the problem could be a bad GFCI. These types of outlets do fail and need to be replaced.  It is a common problem that I see all the time.  In that situation, be sure to call a licensed electrician in North Stamford, CT to replace that GFI.

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