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Crown Moulding Modesto


 Installing crown molding is an art. At least it can be, depending on a few things. The type of crown you're installing can be plain or it can be extravagant in detail, such as 2-step crown molding. The rule of thumb for a good installation (at least as far as I'm concerned) is NO MORE than a thirty second of an inch (1/32") between miters or splices is considered acceptable for paint grade trim work or finish carpentry. There should be relatively NO gap between trim work on stain grade work.

 Crown moulding Crown molding comes in various styles. The most common style is called "Colonial". Although some manufacturers refer to this same style with other names, I have never met a supplier who didn't know what colonial was. Many tract homes share this style because it is inexpensive and readily available.

 Along the same line of Colonial crown, you can find baseboard to match. This detail is not the same as door trim, but where one is used the other is almost always used in combination.  It too is called "Colonial" and is standard flat stock S4S (square four sides) with a Roman Oagie detail. It can be fabricated easily, but considering it's widespread use, it's easier and less expensive to buy it off the shelf from a local supplier.

 Wanting crown molding installed is a matter of finding an experienced finish carpenter who is licensed. Finish carpenters also install doors, cabinets, windows and all sorts of interior tim. Installing crown moulding in Modesto is just a hop, skip and jump away from my office. Andy Lee Finish carpentry might be just what you're looking for!



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