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When you see statistics about Real Estate it may be a national compilation or speak specifically about a particular state. A new Job Description for REALTORS Rarely does it drill to the level where a buyer or seller could rely on the numbers. Click the above link to see NAR statistics for 2013 about the rise in Sales prices!

It is true you can only believe what you read online if you have a filter to interpret what it ALL means! Hence the reason I suggest that REALTORS have a new job. They are still relevant but, in extraordinary new ways. They are the filter that you might need to sift the overload of information that lives on the internet today. It's all there, too much of it. One of my pet peeves is the information usually has no dates on it. That can skew the balance of reality! Sellers look at competitive houses online to guess at what they might get for their house.To see what upgrades matter, even to see what colors are popular all of which helps them become more competitive if they choose to make changes prior to selling. Pricing with that method is a lot like testing to see if pasta is ready by tossing it against the wall to see if it sticks. A better way is to identify when you want the house to sell and analyse the time and choose the price it will take to make that happen in your timeframe. It's called an absorbtion rate.Call for some fast filtration-What should you know if you are selling?

Buyers today reach out to narrow the choices to get better information. Time is more important today or we wouldn't be quite so fond of texting while we walk or taking our phones into the bathroom! So the next time you feel the pain of overload.

What should you know if you are buying.  What should REALTOR's be asking you if you are a buyer? What should you be asking them?

Personally I don't mind the new job description it is fun to look at a property and offer consolidated information that will help a client make educated decisions about their moving situations. So the next time you find yourself a bit bewildered-let's get you into calmer waters and evaluate what is real in your situation. It is always your decision to make, it's so much better when you can make it confident that you understand all of the impact.

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