Use of Color as Marketing Tool

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Here's my first re-blog that I can recall.  This is a great post, so I'm sharing it.  Also, I'm a great believer that color sends a message and does make a huge difference!

Original content by Paddy Deighan MBA JD PhD

A lot of research and money has been spent studying the use of color in marleting to convey a message. THis makes a lot of sense - after all, the visual sense is the strongest developed sense in most human beings. It's only natural that 90 percent of an assessment for trying out a product is made based on color alone. 

So how do colors really affect us, and what is the science of colors in marketing, really?

Color clearly affects us a can compel us to buy or it can actually repel us from a purchase. Color can be more important than the words or message in marketing.  I remember being involved in an onteresting marketing situation:  UNited Airlienes spent $5 million on market research when they decided that they need a new paoint scheme on the airplanes. At the time, they had all whoute wiht a blue and reddish orange stripe on the tail fin.  After many months and $5 million, UNited decided to pain the planes navy over gray. Personally, I felt that this made the planes look like a casual business suit - but hey, United is known as a business airline.

Well....USAirways decided to change the scheme on their planes. rather than spend $5 million and a lot of time on market research, they painted th eplanes...NAVY and GRAY!!

I am told that Facebook is blue because Founder, Mark Zuckerberg was color blind and red and green are gray to him and blue is the only color that he can see clearly.  As an aside, the genetics background in me is compelled to mention that 75% of men are color blind to some exent. So ladies, THIS explains why your hubby wears one black sock and one navy sock LOL

Here is an example of how color plays a role in decision making:  Analytics company KISSmetrics created an amazing infographic on the science of how colors affect our purchases.

Perhaps we can all incorporate some of these colors in our marketing in order to express the image that we are trying to convey!!


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Sussie Sutton
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Great catch with this repost! I have to agree with you! Have a great week....psst my favortie color is green!

Jan 26, 2014 12:26 AM