How to Take Great Pictures of a Home for Sale

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I truly enjoyed this piece and felt it contained some valuable advice.  For some this may help you take pictures for the first time.  For others it may be a good reminder... while for the rest it serves as a great reminder of why you use a professional!

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You already know that a listing with pictures attracts a lot more attention than one without but do you know how to take great pictures of a home? Whether you are an agent or a person that is trying to sell their own home it’s vital that you make a big first impression and pictures are the best (and maybe only) opportunity that you will have to do just that.

The truth is that more home buyers than ever before begin their home search online and homes without pictures are often passed up immediately. Why? Well, imagine that you are looking for a new home and you are online checking out what’s available in the area that you are searching. Would you bother to click on a listing with 0 pictures? Your first thought might be “Why are there no pictures – what’s wrong with this house?” and that’s exactly what might happen to you if you are the seller or listing agent.
First Things First
One of the most common mistakes that I notice when I look at pictures of a house for sale is poor picture quality. Top of the line equipment is not necessary to take good pictures of a house but the average cell phone camera won’t cut it either. It’s worth the investment to buy decent equipment. I would recommend no less than a 5 megapixel camera to get some clear and acceptable pictures. As you know these types of cameras are very inexpensive today and can be purchase in any electronics retailer for a very low cost. Of course you can spend whatever you like but if you’re buying the camera for a one time use than I would keep it to the bare minimum. You’ll get good pictures and you might even find other used for your new camera. A tripod will help to keep you from ending up with blurry pictures due to a shaky hand but it’s not an absolute necessity.
Take Pictures of What Really Counts
Keep in mind that people want to see the home that is being advertised, NOT what is in it. The house should be free of clutter and reasonably clean. Allow the person that’s seeing the pictures to imagine their things in the home instead of seeing too much of someone else’s. Try to include colorful items in the photos that attract attention such as brightly colored artwork, flowers, etc. It’s amazing what a dash of color can add to a neutral colored atmosphere.
The Brighter the Better
Any professional photographer will tell you that nothing is better than natural sunlight. Try to schedule picture taking day on a sunny day if possible and be sure to open curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible. A dark cloudy day produces very dull and gloomy pictures that just aren’t very appealing to look at.
Some Hints to Remember
When photographing a room it almost always looks better if the shot is taken from the doorway looking into the room. Exterior pictures of single family homes look better if shot from an angle instead of directly from the front. This allows viewers to see the depth of the home instead of a “flat” 2 dimensional view of the front. Try not to include obstructions on the outside if possible. Items such as telephone poles, electrical wires and dumpsters do nothing to make a home look appealing and actually detract from what should be the center of attention, the house itself. Be sure to take a LOT of photos. That way you can pick and choose which pictures look the best. That’s one of the advantages of today’s digital cameras, pictures are disposable and of course there are no printing costs involved so click away!
Make Improvements if Needed
If you have a home computer than you have free software to enhance any pictures that might need a little improvement. I’m not familiar with Macs but I know that windows based pc’s have basic editing software already installed that allows you to easily make simple changes to pictures to improve their appearance. It’s worth your time to do a little quick editing if needed to make the pictures look as good as possible.
There you have it! Now that you have some very impressive pictures to show home seekers you are ready to sell that home in record time!


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Tanya Van Blake-Coleman
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Great re-blog. It is a good reminder. I try to arrange my photos as if the person was walking through the house. Although some suggest you show the best 4 photos first, because if you haven't captured them within the first four photos people will move on to the next house.

Long before I was a REALTOR, while looking at real estate, if there were few or no pictures, I moved on to those that did have pictures. They are a must.

I don't understand why some agents will make a habit of not taking many shots. Trying to discourage other agent from bringing buyers so they can get both sides of the sale?  I think it is just not right.

Jan 27, 2014 09:37 AM
Kaye Swain
Keller Williams Real Estate Roseville CA - Roseville, CA
Your Roseville Real Estate Agent

Great tips. Thanks for sharing this with us. And great tips Tanya. I liked the idea of putting the best 4 first, then doing a walk-through of the whole house. 

Jan 27, 2014 11:34 AM
Jay Benson
Richard Doyle Real Estate - Tampa, FL
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What do you think of using softward programs to make presentations out of the photos to resemble a "video"?  Do you think it adds or deminishes?  Does it separate your listings from the norm or distract?

Jan 27, 2014 11:06 PM