Are you comfortable using verbal or vocal mirroring?

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It's often said that imitation is the best form of flattery, so how does that translate to business in the world of real estate?

My husband is what I call the world's best salesman (yes, this man can sell ice to Eskimos if presented the opportunity).  SalesmanHe's worked in sales for many years and he really prides himself on taking care of his customers from start to finish.  

As he is establishing relationship with any new prospect, he can often be heard practicing the technique of verbal mirroring. This is a practice that many sales professionals implore in an effort to build instant rapport with a client or prospect. In it's simplest form, the salesperson basically mimics voice tones and inflections that a prospect is speaking with. For example, if he is speaking to prospect from the Northeast region of the country, he will often talk a lot faster and will keep most answers short and to the point. 

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, here's the challenge and fair warning that mastering this technique can take some practice and patience while using this approach. In order to effectively use verbal mirroring, you must understand how to strike the right tone with your prospect while remaining genuine in an effort to become their trusted adviser on real estate matters. Personally, I often fear that my attempt to practice this technique in a conversation will be seen as mockery or disingenuous. I don't want to come across as fake or disconnected from my prospects concerns. Rather, I do want to send a message that says I am interested and in tune with what concerns them. This fear is easily overcome with practice and keeping my listening skills polished at all times.

My husband over the years has verbal mirroring down to a science and can often be heard speaking with a southern draws or a California freestyle type voice or anything else that warms his clients during their connection time. It's a brilliant technique and the end result is generally instant rapport. His clients trust him and it makes the business of closing any given deal that much easier during his sales process.

Likewise, getting prospects/clients to trust your voice is a major part of the battle in any real estate transaction. We should all strive to be masters of the craft, so I hope that the tool of verbal mirroring is another nugget to help turn your prospects into clients!

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