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How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

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Tenants who lead a happy life are enjoying the best version of their living condition. This can be interpreted through the means to pay rental commitments and bills on time, being satisfied with the property's merits maintaining a good working relationship with the landlord. As the property investor, what good does this do to you? How can you nurture your property management business by profiting well and pleasing the parties involved? As mentioned from the start, you only need to keep them happy.


How does one measure happiness, even? And is this strategy for good?


Well, the good news is that having a happy bunch of customers means that they trust you well enough to stay longer. This then translates to a steady profit for your business because there's an assurance that no vacancy will last long. So while you're at it, remember that it always starts with the basics.


Here are ways to ensure that your actions reflect your willingness to keep your tenants pleased and satisfied with your leadership.


  • Offer reasonable rates – Tenants are always particular about prices. Depending on the location, market and the condition of the property itself, they want to pay for the price that they feel is right. Therefore, you need to be able to provide competitive rates that are hard to resist and encompasses a great deal of benefits for would-be tenants – this without you being on the losing end.


  • Maintain your property well – Renting out a property means allowing other people to live in and use what's yours. Despite the second hand nature of this deal, you still owe it to your tenants to keep your property in top shape. After all, it has to live up to their expectations especially after those photos and descriptions are up for public viewing.


  • Learn proper mediation – There will be trouble lurking somewhere, and you have to accept that fact. What you can do to minimize damage is to maintain a sense of decorum and always hear all sides. The messier the trouble gets, the more difficult it is to talk to people in a reasonable level. Your business is always at stake, so make it a point to stay level headed and mediate.



When there are less vacancies, then you can earn more and spend less on maintaining properties that have no return of investment. That is why for every chance that you get in offering tenancy opportunities to strangers, you should also learn how to pick out quality ones. If you treat them right, they will also learn to give back that same level of respect. With both parties happy, you can expect for a rewarding career path ahead.