Columbia is Snowed In! How Can I Have Fun in the Snow?

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Have fun in the snow!

Here in Columbia, SC, we get very few chances to experience snow. Most of the time, it scares us to death. We don't want to drive or even walk for that matter. The stores run out of supplies and many of them close. Schools and businesses close and we are stuck at home with the kids. Don't despair, there are many great ways to enjoy the snow and turn it into a once in a lifetime chance to create lasting, wonderful memories.

Before you go outside, dress appropriately with warm coats, hats, boots, gloves and scarves.

  1. Build a snowman. The snow here is often moist and perfect for making a snowman. The kids will love rolling a snowball, (the bigger the better!) and mom and dad can help pile them into a great snowman. You can use branches for the arms and make a face out of stones with a carrot for a nose.
  2. Make a snow fort. Roll snowballs to form walls and fill the gaps with packed snow. Your construction is only limited by imagination and stamina. Let the kids come up with their own design. They will never forget the experience.
  3. Have a snowball fight! There is no point in having a snow fort if you are not going to defend it against marauding snow ball teams.
  4. Find a hill and go sledding. If you don't have a sled, just sit on a piece of cardboard. It is great fun and lot's of exercise.
  5. Make snow angels. The kids love this. Take lots of pictures of their creations! Join the kids in making an entire family of angels.
  6. Go for a hike in the snow. Enjoy the beauty of the fresh snowfall.
  7. Get outside and enjoy. Play! Use your imagination. Be a kid again for a little while. You will never forget it!

And when you are done and are inside warming up and drying off, have a cup of hot cocoa.


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