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An Agents Emotions DO NOT Belong in the Negotiations

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This is a big pet peeve of mine.  I believe as agents, we are paid for our knowledge and experience with our local markets and negotiations should be based on facts not emotions.  Buyers and sellers are understandably emotional, but as agents, we should be the calm 'port in the storm'.  Agents who rely on yelling, whining, or similar techniques in their negotiations can end up blowing a deal for their client and only come off as unprofessional.  The definition of negotiation is- "A discussion to come to an agreement."  It is not about winning or losing, it is about coming to a mutual decision that works for both buyer and seller (not the agent)!

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I completely understand that sometimes our emotions get the best of us.  However, when we are negotiating on our clients behalf it's our job to leave the emotions at home. We can't take on the home sale or purchase as though it's our own and start getting upset about the actions of the other side. 

Angry ProfessionalOur sellers and buyers will get emotional.  That's part of the deal and in the end one of the reasons they chose to hire us to represent them.  They are going to look to us for sound, level headed advice on whether to counter an offer and with what terms. If we get angry and start name calling the home buyer/seller or find ourselves in disbelief of an absurd offer or situation it not only makes us look tacky and unprofessional, but many times will cost our client. 

I know that when I hear an agent start getting agitated about terms in an offer that we're in for a long and difficult negotiation.  I know that (s)he's going to take that offer to the buyer/seller and present it with a chip on their shoulder.  It happened today, an agent was all huffy and puffy that my seller countered an offer closer to list price. The agent was whining (literally) about how the roof was 11 years old and the yard wasn't fenced. 

We as professionals should present our clients with facts that help put them in the best possible position when negotiating.  If the other party doesn't agree with those terms maybe the sale won't work out.  I have had buyers and sellers choose to walk away because either side couldn't come to terms. No matter what happens we must remain the unwavering professional and keep our emotions in check. 

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