Dear Valued Clients,

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Dear Valued Clients, 

I am so glad that you called me to show you a home over calling one of the other thousands of Realtors® in my city.  I will be happy to show you this home and any other home that you are interested in.  There are just a few things that I ask for in return.

1.  If you just want to look because you think it's a cool house, be up front with me and tell me that. 

2.  If you know this house is out of your price range, please don't ask me to show it to you and think you can low ball it 100k.  

3.  Please please please talk with a lender before shopping for a home.  This will make your home shopping process MUCH easier!

4.  and finally, but I think most importantly, if you don't like a house, just be up front with me and tell me you don't like it for whatever reason.  When you tell me you can see you and your family moving in and how your furniture would all fit, it makes me think you are really serious about this house.  So when I never hear from you again, I get discouraged. 

I would absolutely LOVE to show you homes until you find the perfect home for you!  But please respect my time and give me the courtesy of communicating with me one way or another.  This way I won't think that you went and wrote an offer with another agent.  I look forward to helping you through this exciting time in your life!

Your Local Realtor®

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