Looking for Year Round privacy in Wexford? Look no further than bamboo

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Privacy is one of the best reasons homeowners choose Wexford to live. With spread out communities and neighborhoods that offer some land as a buffer between houses and neighbors, its a great area for those that enjoy being close to neighbors, but like privacy. Unfortunately with our climate, once November rolls around you can kiss some of that privacy goodbye until spring time!

But there may be a solution to that problem: A great looking grass that stays green year round and grows tall enough to create a zen-like boarder around your yard. Yes, I'm talking about Bamboo (and yes bamboo is part of the grass family)!

 Recently I was on a listing appointment, and while I was touring the owners home we were standing in the living room looking out into the yard (It was 0 degrees outside). I noticed a beautiful green wall around the property that was giving some privacy from the neighbors houses. I asked the seller what it was and she told me Bamboo. It was planted years ago for the exact reason of privacy and it requires very little maintenance. By today the Bamboo was 3 stories tall on the perimeter of the yard and was looking greener than ever. 
So there you have it. Next time you're looking for a little added privacy during the winter months. Consider planting some bamboo!
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