Selling Your Home? Think Twice Before Using Yard Signs and Open Houses

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Las Vegas, Nevada -- So you've decided to sell your home and hired a Real Estate company to help you.  Most people think the first step is to put a "For Sale" sign in the front yard, however, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a sign? 


While yard signs attract attention, it's not always the type of attention you want.  Are you prepared for random knocks on the door (both day and night) from strangers (unaccompanied by Realtors) asking to view your home?  Nobody wants to get unannounced visitors when you're in the shower or getting the kids ready for bed.  Additionally, how do you know if the people knocking on your door can actually afford to buy it, or have yet to pre-qualify with a lender?  Maybe they're not serious homebuyers at all.  Could they be asking to view your home and planning to rob it later?  What can you do to protect yourself?


Unlike most Realtors, we actually advise against installing a FOR SALE sign in the front yard.  We'll be more than happy to install one if our Sellers request it; however, Yard Signs and Open Houses DO NOT sell homes. Before the Internet, both were an important part of the selling process, however, today's Buyers are NOT driving around random neighborhoods looking at For Sale signs. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of homebuyers begin their search on the Internet, looking at web sites such as, Zillow and Trulia.  Additionally, serious Buyers work with Real Estate Agents.  No Realtor will agree to drive a Buyer around all day unless the Buyer has been pre-qualified by a reputable lender.


Additionally, we feel that anyone who wants to view your home should make an appointment to view it.  Let’s face it, your home will show much better if you have some advance warning to clean up the dishes in the sink or pick up the clothes on the floor.  Random showings are great for model homes being sold by new home builders; however, those homes are not lived in by families with kids or pets.


Many Realtors may disagree with the above comments, because Realtors benefit highly by placing their sign in your yard.  A yard sign is FREE ADVERTISING for the Realtor.  It is essentially a billboard for the Broker, announcing their services to all your neighbors.  What if your home is located in a gated community, with very little traffic, except for your neighbors?  Is your Realtor's marketing plan to sell your home to one of the neighbors?  Of course not, however, the Realtor is hoping your neighbor might hire them to sell their home too.  The most important point is to do whatever is best for the Seller, and to consider the pros and cons of using a yard sign.


There are definitely some advantages to having a sign in the yard; however, every Seller needs to know their options.  Our team has sold over $200 Million in Las Vegas Real Estate...without using Yard Signs or Open Houses.  Since the majority of homebuyers are searching the web, then this is where your home needs to be advertised.  We value your privacy and more importantly, your safety. We believe that your home should not be opened up to complete strangers, unless they have been pre-qualified by a lender and are accompanied by a licensed Realtor when viewing your home.  The importance of safety cannot be overlooked.  Las Vegas has had problems with homes for sale being targeted by burglars, vandals and squatters.  By no means should a vacant home for sale ever have a yard sign. 


Open Houses present some of the same safety concerns as Yard Signs.  During an Open House, agents place numerous signs around the neighborhood, hoping to attract anyone and everyone who might want to see your home.  This not only attracts nosy neighbors, but there is typically no screening process regarding who enters your home.  Do you really want complete strangers walking through your house, opening closets doors and looking through your stuff?  Many times, the Realtor is pre-occupied talking to visitors, while others walk around your home unsupervised.  Additionally, most Realtors are busy handing out flyers, etc., yet are they checking any type of identification before allowing strangers access to your home?  Maybe this sounds a little overprotective; however, you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your family and your assets.  When a Buyer works with a Real Estate Agent, the Realtor typically meets the Buyer at their office, and takes a photocopy of the Buyers Driver’s License or Identification Card.  This is a safety precaution encouraged by most Brokers for both the safety of the agent, and the homeowners.  If a potential criminal is pretending to be a Buyer, they will likely think twice about committing a crime if they must provide photo ID before viewing any homes.  Unfortunately, this rarely happens with people visiting Open Houses unaccompanied by a Realtor.


In conclusion, a professional Realtor can aggressively market your home for sale while taking your safety and the safety of your family into consideration.  The Internet has changed the way we do Real Estate.  Beware of agents who rely on Open Houses as their primary marketing plan.  How is an Open House or a Yard Sign going to attract an out of state Buyer looking for homes on or Zillow


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