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Well, after years of fundraising and thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation it looks like Pemberton is finally getting the Community Barn it's been planning. It's been a long time coming!

The community barn is going to be built on the site of the gravel parking lot that's right in front of the Rexall Pharmacy and the new Elements building which houses the BC Liquor Store (now that's an important Pemberton landmark!). 

This particular location has been used for the past few years as the community's farmer's market site with vendors all summer long setting up tents to sell handmade crafts and gifts and of course all the organic fruits and veggies that Pemberton is well known for. It will even likely get used as a staging area for the Whistler Ironman and the Slow Food Cycle. Trouble is, when the weather gets wet or nasty... well, it's a big muddy parking lot. Thus the need for a covered area that the community can enjoy for these events and perhaps concerts and more.

The video above gives you a pretty good idea of what's going to be happening with the structure and now that the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation has kicked in close to $250,000 it looks like the Village of Pemberton can get started this summer on building it out. It's basically going to be an open-air structure with a roof and not a fully enclosed space. Big enough for everyone to be able to stay out of the hot Pemberton sunshine on those intense summer days or if the rain kicks up then they'll be out of the elements.

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It’s going to be a beautiful addition to Pemberton!
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