Intimadated by Me, Myself and I

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Intimidated by Me, Myself and I.

A mentor of mine told me that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to giving listing presentations. And to prove the point, I should record myself giving my next presentation.  And I'll be darned if she wasn't 100% correct!

I practiced my presentation, had all of my materials and my ipad ready to go. I rang the doorbell, the gentleman answered the door, I set my items down at the table. I let him know that I was going to record my presentation for my benefit. Then we proceeded to walk through the house to get a look at it, we discussed the home, the market and the price he'd like to sell at. I went through all of my materials and websites and then asked if he had any questions. He had a couple, of which I answered. 

It was then that I stumbled. I just clammed up. I didn't ask for the listing! I waited for him to tell me that I could list his house. 

I did not even need to listen to the recording to know what I had done. I knew exactly what my mentor had been talking about. I was intimidated to ask for the listing. I was intimidated by myself. I learned a lot that day and am very careful to make a point to ask for the listing at my presentations. I am very thankful to my mentor for bringing it to my attention!