The Whistler Real Estate Company is Making a Move

Real Estate Agent with The Linnell Group at The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd.

After a long 22 years at our office location at Whistler Marketplace, The Whistler Real Estate Company is moving to a brand new office location in The Delta Whistler Village Suites. 

The new office is right across the street from the beautiful Whistler Public Library and is next door to Hy's Steakhouse which will be a great gathering spot for apres ski or bike cocktails with our clients. As you know, realtors do like to entertain right? 
Parking is another really great feature of our new location and we've got plenty of free underground parking space right beneath our new office in the Delta Whistler Village Suites with an easy set of stairs right up to our office door. We're also working on an agreement with the Delta Suites to potentially offer valet parking for our clients so stay tuned for more on that.

Do Whistler Realtors Really Collaborate?

Our previous Whistler Marketplace office location was on several levels and the new one is a very sleek "mountain modern" design and all one level. It will be a very different dynamic for all of us to be on the same floor and interacting with one another on a closer level. This is one of the great things about the new space and that it will more readily allow us to work together and as agents and discuss the goings-on in the market and be able to more effectively share information about new listings and price adjustments to properties on a personal level. This kind of collaboration is something you don't usually see in the other real estate agencies in Whistler and it really sets The Whistler Real Estate Company apart. This means faster dissemination of information about new listings and property changes and ultimately a faster sale for our clients. That's ultimately the name of the game right?

Party Time!

Of course, once we get settled into the new office space I'll be sending out invites to all my clients to join me at the new office location for a chance to mingle with us all, have some delicious drinks and appies and get a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Watch for more updates over the next couple of weeks.
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